Join other TSM Meetup Members for private daily online meet ups every day of the week. These meet ups provide ongoing group support to those who are on The Sinclair Method, or want to know more about it. All are welcome at these TSM Meet Ups. You can join via Zoom on your computer or smartphone, or call in using your phone. You'll have the option to have your camera and audio on or off during the meeting. Participation is welcome but not required – it's OK to just sit and listen (You may want to put after your name "Just Listening").

Schedule (Yellow indicates a new meeting time)

Eastern TimeCentral TimeMountain TimePacific Time
5 PM4 PM3 PM2 PM
Tuesday12 PM11 AM10 AM9 AM
Tuesday9 PM
8 PM7 PM6 PM
Wednesday3 PM2 PM1 PM12 PM
Wednesday9 PM
8 PM7 PM6 PM
Thursday8 PM
7 PM6 PM
5 PM
Friday8 PM
7 PM
6 PM
5 PM
Saturday3 PM
2 PM
1 PM
12 PM
Sunday7 PM6 PM5 PM4 PM
Time in London, UK: 5hr ahead of Eastern Time
Time in Sydney, Australia: 14hr ahead of Eastern Time


For the month of July, we are going to do a test run with a time that is convenient for our friends in Australia and New Zealand. All are welcome regardless of the time zone.

Schedule  (Yellow indicates a new meeting time):

Tuesday9 PM7 PM6:30 PM5 PM

To convert these times to your local time zone, this link should help you (Times will be Tuesday Morning in the US):