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The Sinclair Method for Alcohol Use Disorders is an evidence-based treatment for problematic drinking developed by Dr. John D. Sinclair. Unlike traditional treatments that require complete abstinence from alcohol, the Sinclair Method allows you to continue drinking alcohol at the beginning of treatment.
In fact, treatment success depends on the continued consumption of alcohol in combination with the prescription medication Nal(trexone).
Nal is at the heart of the Sinclair Method (TSM) for Alcoholism. When you take Nal prior to drinking, it blocks endorphins, the naturally occurring opiates in the brain, from being released when alcohol is consumed.

When the endorphins are blocked, there is little to no “buzz” or rewarding experience, and the alcohol doesn’t make you feel the pleasure that drives you to drink excessively.
Over time, your brain learns not to associate alcohol with pleasure, resulting in reduced cravings and improved control over alcohol use. Nal must be taken at least one hour before your first drink.

  • FDA-approved for Alcohol Dependence in 1994
  • Well tolerated with few side effects
  • Covered by most prescription insurance plans
  • Not habit-forming

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We suggest you first reach out to your GP/PCP doctor.  Most of the people on TSM ask their Doctor for the script to be written as "Take up to 2 (50mg) tablets daily as needed for AUD".  In terms of Cost savings, ask your Doctor to write this as a 90 day supply with refills.

Some of the Telehealth Doctors our TSM friends have used and wanted to share are:


If you do use any of these telehealth websites, let them know sent you!
Join other TSM Meetup Members for private daily online meet ups every day of the week. These meet ups provide ongoing group support to those who are on The Sinclair Method, or want to know more about it. All are welcome at these TSM Meet Ups. You can join via Zoom on your computer or smartphone, or call in using your phone. You'll have the option to have your camera and audio on or off during the meeting. Participation is welcome but not required – it's OK to just sit and listen (You may want to put after your name "Just Listening").

Schedule (Pink indicates a Women's Only meeting time)

Eastern TimeCentral TimeMountain TimePacific Time
5 PM4 PM3 PM2 PM
Tuesday3 PM2 PM1 PM12 PM
Tuesday9 PM
8 PM7 PM6 PM
Wednesday3 PM2 PM1 PM12 PM
Wednesday9 PM
8 PM7 PM6 PM
Thursday8 PM
7 PM6 PM
5 PM
3 PM2 PM1 PM12 PM
Friday8 PM
7 PM
6 PM
5 PM
Saturday3 PM
2 PM
1 PM
12 PM
Sunday7 PM6 PM5 PM4 PM


UK Friendly Schedule: (Pink indicates a Women's Only meeting time)

UK Time
Monday10 PM
Tuesday8 PM
Tuesday10 AM
Wednesday7 AM
Friday (Women’s Only)8 PM
Saturday8 PM

Australia and New Zealand Schedule:

Monday1 PM11 AM10 AM10:30 AM8 AM
Tuesday11 AM9 AM8 AM8:30 AM6 AM
Tuesday8 PM6 PM5 PM5:30 PM3 PM
Wednesday3 PM1 PM12 PM12:30 PM10 AM
Thursday3 PM1 PM12 PM12:30 PM10 AM
Friday2 PM12 PM11 AM11:30 AM9 AM
Saturday2 PM12 PM11 AM11:30 AM9 AM
Sunday9 AM7 AM6 AM6:30 AM4 AM

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Thrive offers a program that guides you through each phase of The Sinclair Method, helping with habit, lifestyle and behavior changes. Members have access to 1-on-1 support with both TSM coaches and peers, video courses, community and live group support. The program was created by Katie Lain and Karen Dion who have both had personal success with The Sinclair Method and have served as coaches for over 3 years.

Learn more about Thrive and how to join here.  👍

View Katie Lains Youtube Channel Here
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This is something we have been doing for fun to see where other TSM members are from.  We love to see all the different states and counties we reach.  Please add yours here
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The Facebook group for TSM Meetups Group is 

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Books (and more):
-The Cure for Alcoholism By Roy Eskapa (also in the files selection of many TSM facebook groups)
-Journeys: Inspirational Stories Of Recovery From Alcohol Addiction Using A Breakthrough Scientific Method
-Babylon Confidential: A Memoir of Love, Sex, and Addiction
-Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones by James Clear
-The Abstinence Myth: A New Approach For Overcoming Addiction Without Shame, Judgment, Or Rules by Adi Jaffe

-One Little Pill: Watch Here
-Claudia Christian TedTalk - Here
-Alcoholism, David Sinclair and his theory behind his treatment method
- Thrive (Katie Lain) Youtube page is filled with so much useful videos

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